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Welcome to a sacred place where one comes to be encouraged and nurtured, as well as guided to live a healthier, happier, more balanced life. One comes to our center to rejuvenate and prepare to be well in the outside world. We are happy to have you a part of this “Sacred Place of VIBRATIONAL BLISS.”


Only at being in LA will you find the very best in skin care. We pride ourselves in using products with the utmost integrity. The products that we use in our treatments, as well as what we encourage you to take home with you are free of carcinogens and fillers. To learn more about why using products with no synthetics or chemicals, and taking your health into your own hands, go to this link: NATURAVEDA.  


No animal testing is done whatsoever, and you can be sure that whatever touches your hair, skin, or body is natural, anti-aging, balancing and delicious! Upon entering being in LA, you will be met with open hearts and healing hands to personalize your intentions... whether you are dealing with acne, scarring or aging skin we have the program and treatment for you.


All of our treatments incorporate Jenette - All Natural Skin Care products, which are hand crafted by Jenette. They allow you to detox and relax easier so that your mind, spirit and skin can completely RENEW. With regular use of her skin care line, your skin will heal from the inside out exuding a radiant glow! 


Epicuren is another accent in our treatment room. When used as a proper skin care "system" it is effective at controlling oiliness, extremely anti-bacterial, brightening, and most importantly, ANTI-AGING! Epicuren is derived of live enzymes and proteins that are emulated after our own skin cells.


Our natural mineral make up line is Jane Iredale Cosmetics. We feel it is the best based on the immediate results our clients receive from first application. Not only is it on the "Safe Board of Cosmetics" as not having ANY cancer-causing ingredients, (which most major make up lines carry) they are anti-microbial, which means, DOES NOT ALLOW BACTERIA TO ENTER IN. These minerals also look and feel amazing on the skin. Following any treatment, you will receive a complimentary make up touch up, which includes a mineral powder (your sunscreen and foundation in one!) and a lip treatment.

"My commitment with each and every client is to give results oriented treatments that allow them to walk out with beautiful skin.  Each facial treatment includes detoxifying and exfoliating, as well as lifting and brightening the skin.  By committing to a skin specific regimen, regular facials, and taking care of your body and spirit, you can radiate perfect skin from the inside out!"

Jenette has been healing skin for over fifteen years and still feels passionately about all natural, results oriented treatments! She is a world renowned aesthetician sought after by many... she has an A-List clientele including Rachel McAdams, Jude Law, Emma Watson and Dan name a few. With a BA in speech communications, a background in the ayurvedic and medical skincare worlds, Jenette educates each client on what is best short and long term for their skin! She offers a wide range and balanced East meets West approach on taking care of oneself; completely and wholly, knowing that healthy, radiant skin begins from within.

Jenette Serrins
Founder & Lead Aesthetician

"Environmental stressors and life's busy schedule take a toll on the body outside as well as inside. My approach to skin care is to ease the body and mind leaving you with healthy, glowing skin and a calm, relaxed state of mind."

Andrea has been an esthetician for 15 years and prides herself on her ability to truly connect with, establish trust, educate, and set goals for her amazing clientele.  Her approach to skin care pairs results with relaxation by curating each service to meet individual skin care needs while easing everyday tensions with calming energy and what have been called on several occasions her ‘magic hands.’ As lead esthetician at Being in LA, Andrea has established an ongoing in-house education series of classes for clients to gain knowledge of our approach to holistic and non-toxic skin care. In addition to healing and result driven facials, her expert skills include brow shaping, fast and painless waxing, threading, dermaplaning, Jane Iredale make-up education and application, peels, and her favorite: Gua Sha. 


"Going to see Andrea at Being in LA is like entering a slice of heaven" - Laura O.

Andrea Wallace
Aesthetician and Waxing/Threading Expert

"My background in holistic health has led to my passion for healing skin from the inside out."

Rachel has an extensive background in holistic health, and combines this with her knowledge of physiology and skin disorders to help you find your customized path to your healthiest and most glowing skin possible! She utilizes incredibly relaxing massage techniques including Acupressure to calm your mind while healing your skin and spirit too. 

She has a particular passion for healing stubborn acne naturally, without harsh chemicals and with an emphasis on long lasting results. She believes healthy skin is the best way to age gracefully, and is well versed in the latest anti-aging techniques and technologies. Her clients love her warm, inviting presence and she takes pride in her ability to heal skin quickly while also creating a space of safety, peace, and healing!

“Rachel has completely transformed my skin… I'm 41 and I've never used botox or any kind of injectable!“ - Jessica M. 

Rachel Clisby
Aesthetician & Educator

Lucy is an integral part of our being in LA team now for 6 month. We are so happy she has joined our family. As our spa coordinator, she goes above and beyond with every detail, making sure your experience with us is smooth and relaxing as soon as you enter through the front doorShe can also help you with any scheduling, retail and skincare needs during our reception hours.

Lucy Slavin
Spa Coordinator

Abigail, the newest member of the Being in LA team, will always greet you with a warm hello and make sure your experience with us remains smooth and stress-free. She can also help you with any scheduling, LED and retail  during our reception hours.

Abigail Sims

Shelby is a professional and experienced massage therapist with the genuine desire to heal and improve one’s life with the act of touch. Specializing in therapeutic massage but trained in all modalities, massage therapy is my niche --  it’s a part of me. Caring for someone through touch to improve one’s mobility, pain, emotional wellness and overall well-being brings a certain kind of joy that money cannot buy. The growth within myself throughout the years of being a massage therapist has shaped me in such a beautiful way, as have my interactions and connections with my clients who I will forever cherish and be grateful for. Massage therapy has grounded me and made me understand the true meaning of life. The true meaning of what we are set on earth to do is to heal, to care, and to connect with one another.

Shelby Peery
Massage Therapist
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