Being in LA is committed to the health and wellness of our clients & staff during this unpredictable time. The entire Being in LA staff has been fully vaccinated!

Our retail & reception hours  will be limited to the following: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9am - 12pm

Please allow us 48 hrs to respond to your calls, emails and orders. 

We are asking clients that are experiencing even the mildest of respiratory symptoms to reschedule their appointments and rest at home until they are recovered.

We are closely monitoring all recommendations from the CDC and World Health Organization to guide our health and security measures…. Including:


*All staff will wear face masks at all times.

*All Aesthy’s will wear a face shield, mask & gloves when in treatment room.

*Discuss risk factors prior to your appointment.

*Thorough and proper sanitation between each client.

*Upon arrival, please knock at the front door and wait outside for us to come get you at your exact appt time, allowing us to open doors for you.

*All clients will have their temperature taken before entering our space.

*You will kindly go directly to wash your hands.

*Please keep your clean mask on until laying on the facial bed

*Our Levoit Air Purifier has 3 layers of disinfecting functions and is left on 24/7.

*PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY ~ as do not have a waiting area inside. (We do have an outdoor patio if you would like to wait there)

***And lots and lots of cleaning and hand washing for ALL of us! 

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We are here to support you in every way possible!