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LED Lightwave Therapy

Promotes penetrative healing on a cellular level, increasing promotion of collagen and
elastin fibers.  Years of research and science have proven the transformative power of these lightwaves. NASA has done endless amounts of studies that show results within 6-20 sessions of laying under these lights... whether its sun damage or a frozen shoulder!  If your damage is new, 6 sessions will suffice.  If the damage is old, then you will need to commit to a 12-20 series to see undeniable results.


Key benefits include:
• aging and wrinkled skin
• hyper-pigmentation

• sun/photo damage

• signs of aging 
• acne/breakouts

• rosacea
• scarring

• preventative care

• discomfort and irritation
• balding

• and much more!


ENVY Light Capsule Bed:

• $100 for a complete body wellness session (20-30mins)

Purchase a series and SAVE:

• 10 for $1000 (receive 11th for free!)

• 20 for $2000 (receive 21st and 22nd for free!)

LED Face Therapy Lamp:

• As an add on to any Facial Treatment with us - $50

Purchase a series and SAVE:
• Series of 6 - $250
• Series of 12  - $500

Walk-in appointments available during our retail hours.
Call or email to book or learn more!

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