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Hari Sienne Facial

A Japanese technique developed by acupuncturist and skin care specialist Akemi Mitsumoto, the Hari Sienne facial is a combination of three powerful techniques.  Applying firm massage on the 31 plus muscles in the face, neck and scalp, stimulating greater circulation and communication of the cells from the deep layers below the skin to those on the surface. By stimulating acupressure points on the face and scalp we help bring balance to the over all well being of the body. Finally, we stimulate lymphatic drainage to remove excess water retention from the face and help expel other waste matter and toxins. 


This special and relaxing treatment not only gives the client an instant glow but it helps with the toning and firming of the skin.  It helps your skin absorb your favorite products more effectively and is a powerful tool in the fight against the effects of aging as well as other issues like TMJ, bells palsy, migraines, etc... It's like yoga for your face. 

Key Benefits:

• Plumping

• Firming

• Toning

• Circulation and Blood Flow

“My sense of smell was really heightened during my facial with Jenylyn and it was so neat to be in a trance like relaxed state and know that she was about to spray me or put a potion or a mask on me because I could smell that familiar smell I love the moment she opened the container. Ahhh it was great. The morning after my treatment, over Facetime with my boyfriend, he asked... 'why do you look 20 years old suddenly?'" ~ Katey Denno, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Green Beauty Expert


PRICING: (4-6 sessions recommended. Purchase 4 and receive the 5th treatment FREE!)


60 min  - $200

90 min  - $300 (includes a hand, foot and a scalp massage)

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