Follow Up Peel

THIS IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO EXISTING CLIENTS. This is a quick resurfacing treatment that offers REAL RESULTS.  This is ideal for our regular clients who are ready to commit and take their skin care to the next level, (and ready to limit sun exposure the week following).  These are customized peels, where our highly trained aestheticians draw from blends of AHA/BHA’s and stem cell infusions that improve texture immediately.  You will notice a change in skin’s tone, evenness, pore size and overall a more VIBRANT, HEALTHY glow!  Follow Up Peel sessions are honored and available to be received 1-2 weeks post any of our facial treatments. 

You can always schedule a skin consultation.

CAUTION: Please discontinue use of all AHA/BHA's, Retin-A and/or Retinol products 72 hours pre and post treatment.


• 30 - 45 min Follow Up Peel (Exfoliate, Brighten, Lift; customized peel for return clients only)


      Jenette -  $165 


      Andrea - $125

      Rachel -  $100