Allow our highly trained and experienced aestheticians to take you on a journey of true skin transformation. With precise skin preparation we micro-channel the best infusion for your skins' needs. Whether you are in need of skin clearing, hydration and plumping, or overall healing and brightening, we have the cooling solution for you! Upon completion of the channeling we layer human stem cells that repair and take your skin to healthy, young cells within 24 hours. We then layer Jenette's Be Calm - Brightening C Serum that instantly brings relief and calm to your new cells.


Then our unique cool/cold silver ion mask is layered over your face to pull all heat and inflammation out of the dermis as well as pushing these vital nutrients into your skin even deeper. After ion mask removal we massage Jenette's Be Nourished - Apple Stem Cell Moisturizer into the skin, dusting Jane Iredale mineral sunscreen on upon leaving.

You can always schedule a skin consultation.


CAUTION: You will be pink and sensitive for up to 48 hours following this treatment.


   Jenette - $1,000:  Initial Treatment

                    $1,500:  3 Series Special (Recommended)

   Andrea - $1,000: Initial Treatment

                    $1,500:  3 Series Special (Recommended)

   Rachel - $1,000: Initial Treatment

                   $1,500:  3 Series Special (Recommended)