Jenette - All Natural Skin Care, Epicuren Discovery, EMK Placental Skin Care, and Image Skin Care are used in every facial provided here at being in LA. Prepare to balance, detox, and renew your skin with a thorough steam and relax with a tension relieving massage from one of our highly trained and experienced aestheticians. You can always schedule an in depth skin consultation with one of our skin experts, see details and pricing below.


Micro-Channeling is safe and effective for most skin types and has been shown to improve conditions such as acne, scars, stretch marks, skin dehydration, superficial fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, sun spots and uneven skin tone.


A MUST FOR FIRST TIME CLIENTS. This customized facial will transform your mind, body and skin. May include a microdermabrasion session, dermaplaning, enzyme and/or peel that best suits your needs. This treatment is recommended for all skin types, including acne prone.

The Well Being Facial


For those who truly want to change their skin:  texture, tone, evenness and just a more VIBRANT, HEALTHY glow. Commit to a follow up peel 1-2 weeks following your regular facial.  Your skin will transform before your eyes within a few sessions...with no chemicals.

Follow Up Peel
Non Surgical

Exfoliate, lift, and brighten. A gentle, yet results oriented facial that will transform even the most sensitive skin, including rosacea. Walk out with the perfect, most radiant glow.  An absolute must for the day of ANY big event.

This thorough treatment exfoliates, smooths and brightens texture. Your skin will look and feel its best with this results oriented session.  Great for scarring and hyper-pigmentation.

The Green Peel

Our "Well Being Mommy Facial" is perfect for pregnant and nursing mammas. 

Pregnancy Facial
Back/Chest Facial

Complete and customized back and chest facials with one of our experienced aestheticians. Full session or add-ons available. 

With guidance, nurturing, accountability and a deep pore cleansing your TEEN can feel more confident and clean after just a few sessions.

Teen Customized Facial Program
Waxing and Threading

Using LYCON's groundbreaking strip-less wax our experienced aesthetician will quickly, yet thoroughly get rid of unwanted hair as short as 1mm! 

Gua Sha Treatment

Gua Sha, meaning 'to rake sand' is an ancient Chinese technique, even older than acupuncture, that manipulates muscles and fascia tissue using crystal mediums.  The result- sculpted, lifted, healthy skin along with deep relaxation.  

30 or 60 min thorough, in depth skin  consolutation with one of our experienced aestheticians. 

In Depth
Skin Consultation  

Come relax under these healing lights for minutes and repair any skin condition or damage...old or new.

LED Lightwave Therapy

High Frequency is a well-known rejuvenating treatment. It's been proven to stimulate cell renewal and improve skin care product penetration and absorption by gently warming and oxygenating the tissues of the skin.

High Frequency Treatment
Make-Up Lesson

60 min thorough skin prep and lesson using  Jane Iredale Mineral Cosmetics.